Our strong vision is to deliver excellence in services that exceeds the needs and expectation of our customers. Strive to become a market leader in the transportation industry of which others aspire to follow.

Mission Statement

We are committed towards the economic growth of our country by participating in the core infrastructure development. Providing a reliable and comfortable public transport service which people can look to as a viable and convenient transport alternative to any other transportation source. We will continually monitor the needs of the traveling public and review our service delivery on a regular basis in order to maintain people’s interest in our public transport service.

Company Profile

Faisal Movers is pioneer in the business of Transportation in Pakistan. It has a protracted history; based on more than two decades of excellence in services. The founder members Khawaja Muhammad Akbar and Khwaja Ahmad Shahzad’s strong vision and dedication made it possible to launch Faisal Movers. The journey, which was started in 1994 under the banner of Faisal Movers with logistics business and then express bus service between Sargodha and Multan, which has been expanded to many folds. Faisal Movers serves as a hub of passenger transport throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan.

In 1865, the velocipede (meaning "fast foot") attached pedals to the front wheel, but its wooden structure made it extremely uncomfortable.

History Time Line

1994: Commence of Transportation Business carrying the logo of Faisal Movers. 2001: Express Bus Service started from Sargodha to Multan itinerary. 2004: Our Model of business was changed to non-stop luxury bus service and Multan – Rawalpindi route was established in January followed by CSD terminal at Multan Cantonment which was inaugurated by Brig. Liaqat Basheer. 2005: Computerized Ticketing was inaugurated for the fulfillment of modern technology. 2006: New destinations; D.G Khan and Bahawalpur, were added to serve the passengers of the southern Punjab. 2008: Multan – Okara – Lahore route was commenced by Inauguration new terminal at Okara cantonment. 2010: Expanded the fleet with new Daewoo Buses on almost all routes. 2011: Lahore – Rawalpindi route was started to provide safe and secure journey for the travellers. 2012: Multan to Faisalabad and Sadiqabad to Multan – Lahore – Rawalpindi routes were started. 2014: Lahore – Peshawar Route was established. 2015: Commencement of Lahore to Sargodha route. 2016: Start of Lahore to Faisalabad route. 2017: New Business class buses were added to fleet with Video on demand system for Lahore – Islamabad route

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